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time to see

2008 Oct 22

When I fly a non precision approach and use time to determine the Missed Approach Point I can get or interpolate the time from the FAF(Final Approach Fix) to MAP(Missed Approach Point) from an Approach Chart. Many charts do not however give me any information about the time from the FAF (Final Approach Fix) to my VDP (Visual Descent Point) (or time to see). The time to the MAP (Missed Approach Point) along with the MDA (Minimum Descent Altitude) protect me from obstacles for that portion of the approach.

I need to have seen my visual references and started my descent to land before I reach the MAP (Missed Approach Point) if I want to make a stabilized approach. The FAA calls this point the VDP (Visual Descent Point); we can call it time to see. Working out the time to commence descent does not involve any difficult arithmetic but I need to repeat my workings to cover a range of ground speeds.

I had an itch so I scratched: time to see tool.