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aviation - time to see and go tool

time to see tool


Airfield Approach
Some text to identify a particular approach.
Minimum Descent Altitude in feet.
Airfield or Threshold elevation as appropriate.
The distance in nautical miles between the Final Approach Fix and the Missed Approach Point.
The glide path gradient in feet per nautical mile. Many pilots use a rule of thumb of 300 feet per nautical mile. A three degree glide path has a gradient of 318 feet per nautical mile.


Feet Per Minute
The descent rate needed to maintain a given glide path at a given ground speed.
Time to go
The time taken to fly from the Final Approach Fix to the Missed Approach Point at a given ground speed. Approach charts include a table of ground speeds and times when appropriate.
Time to see
The time taken to fly from the Final Approach Fix to when you should start a descent to land at a given ground speed (Visual Descent Point). You do not descend below the MDA until after acquiring the required visual reference. You cannot fly a stabilized approach beyond this point. One would normally use a three degree glide path but obstacles may dictate a steeper approach.