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Nylon toe clips for big feet!

Modified pedal clip for larger feetAnother view of a modified pedal clip

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I take a 14EEEE US shoe and have not yet found a clipless cycle shoe to fit. I find that some method of securing the feet to the pedal is essential on a recumbent. If a foot slips off there is a high probability of a crash because balance is lost very quickly. The nylon clips were too short for my feet so I extended them. The method is any bolt that fits the holes in the clip and pedal, locking nuts of some sort, washers, plastic pipe. I hope the pictures show how it's done. The purpose of the washers and the pipe is to space the clip the correct distance away from the pedal.

It is not an ideal solution because the clip should come further over the top of my feet. It does allow me to spin my feet in circles rather than just pushing, and my feet don't slip off.

Thailand water bottles.

Thailand Water bottle suitable for use in cycle bottle holders.

Some brands of water sold in plastic bottles in Thailand are a good fit for standard bottle holders. I don't take bottles to Thailand for this reason (save a tiny bit of space). They are available everywhere.

Primo tyre repair

primo tyre split thumbnailprimo tyre repair thumbnail.

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The tyre was cut, the tube was bulging out and I didn't have a spare tyre or tyre patch with me - so 'Plan B':

I used the tyre for about 120 Km (at 75 PSI) until I got a new tyre. The repair did not seem to have crept at all and I didn't notice any vibration or problems with the balance of the tyre. It worked for me but for your own safety you should consider that this was an on the spot repair and it would not be suitable for rough or extended cyclying.