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cycling - this sat r day

cycling - this sat r day

Information about my Bike Friday Sat R Day Recumbent bicycle.

Sat r day left front view.This Sat R Day right rear view

Images about 70 Kb each


The basic specification is on the Bike Friday web site so I'll just list the more important items. As far as I know mine is or was the beta for the Rohloff, Disk Brakes, and Speed-drive combination.

Avid mechanical disk brakes
Fitted both front and rear. The front disk is Avid and the rear disk is an Avid Rohloff compatible disk. SRAM 7.0 levers. The brakes are easy to set up and work well from new. There is ample power and good modulation. I can get pads in Hong Kong from my local cycle shop.
Rohloff Speedhub 500/14
Internal geared and indexed rear hub with 14 gears. Single sprocket and a chain tensioner. The hub works well and as advertised. It is noisy in gear 6 but this is normal. I can change gears even under a slight load but I try and just ease off the pressure when changing. The issue with the Rohloff and cycles with small wheels is getting the big gears because the low gears come naturally because of the small wheel diameter. The fix is to fit larger chain rings or in the case of the Sat R Day, alter the ratio at the jack shaft. I opted to keep the low range and access higher gears with a Speed-drive. I find the twist grip stiff to operate and have seen similar comments elsewhere. It is still new so it may become easier over time.
July 2002 - The twist grip is a little easier but it's still stiff and changing gear is difficult with wet hands (sweat).
Schlumpf Speed-drive.
A geared chain ring and bottom bracket assembly that provides two ranges of gears. There is considerable overlap between the two ranges but it's better to think of it as a low range and a high range rather than providing double the number of gears.
July 2002 - One of the gear change buttons fell off and was lost - Schlumpf sent me another one straight away - it arrived in Hong Kong 4 days after I asked how I could get a new one - excellent service by Schlumpf.
The cogs working from the rear of the bicycle forwards are:
  • Sprocket -17
  • Jack-shaft inner - 21
  • Jack-shaft outer - 16
  • Chain ring - 39
This gives a range of 13.5" to 71" normally but with the Speed-drive engaged the range becomes 22" to 117".
download Sat R Day gearing spreadsheet in .xls(95) format - 17 Kb.


Computer mounting

Sigma Sport Targa computer.Targa sensorTarga cable route.Targa cable route

(Images about 55KB each)

The Sigma Sport Targa is a good fit for the Sat R Day top frame tube and there is more than enough cable to get to the front wheel sensor. It has limited features but it is therefore simple to operate. It easily detaches from it's mounting if required. It could have been designed for the Sat R Day.

Grips, levers, mirror and bell arrangement

Left grip.Right grip.

The SRAM 7 levers are mounted on the rear of the bars as is the twist grip for the Rohloff. This leaves room on the front of the bars for a bell and a mirror.

The mirror is a Mountain Mirrycle made by the Mirrycle Corporation, Boulder, Colorado, USA. The position on the front of the bars is better than on the last Sat R Day because it is easier to adjust and is closer to the forward line of sight. I just have one mirror mounted on the right (we drive on the left in Hong Kong) but it could fit just as well on the left.

Cable tidy

Cable tidy on Sat R Day.

Bike Friday had already used some cable ties to hold the cables close to the bottom of the bars but I added some spiral cable tidy as well.

Split Bottom Bracket case


The Speed-drive cranks do not come off so to allow packing in the suitcase Bike Friday designed a split bottom bracket case. This permits the removal of the whole crank and bottom bracket assembly for packing. They had an insert containing the bottom bracket milled to fit a larger than normal bottom bracket case. Four bolts hold the two sections of the case together in use.

Front and rear Avid mechanical disk brakes

Front wheel.

Front Brake.

Rear wheel.

Rear Brake.

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