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about neil

about neil

Me, Neil Timms, head and shoulders, relaxed (Shanghai 2006).

I am a Captain on ATR-72-200/500 and ATR-42-500 aircraft based in Guernsey, Channel Islands. I have over 30 years Air Traffic Control experience working in the UK and Hong Kong. I have worked in aviation since 1976.

I was born in Guernsey (1959), in the Channel Islands, so I’m British (but not English).

I am an active pilot:

I pilot aircraft, code websites, program, read, listen to music, play and record electric bass and tenor guitar, walk, and run in my spare time. If I remember, or have the time. I tune my Basses in 5ths.

I follow ‘Paleo’ nutritional guidelines: food that we as humans are adapted to eat.

My opinions change in the light of fresh knowledge and experience. Neil is under construction!

Sun-Earther Neil Digbat Timms of Guernsey - Culture name.

A big, ugly, bag of mostly water; according to the inhabitants of Velara III (somewhere near the Pleides Cluster) - Star Trek NG - Home Soil.