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twelve years on

2009 Jul 05

It has been a long time since my last post: and I have been busy. I still work as an Air Traffic Controller at Hong Kong. It has been twelve years since I arrived in Hong Kong on 4 July, 1997.

I was out last night for a dinner and reunion of controllers. We started together in Hong Kong ATC at the same time. Only three of us still work in Hong Kong. The table was for five people: two significant others joined us.

I now fly a Seneca out of Clark, Philippines as PIC. I hold a Philippine Validation on my Canadian CPL/MEP/IR.

I fly a Commander 114A out of Bang Phra, Thailand. I hold a Thailand Validation on my Canadian License.

I have completed the Canadian TC to FAA conversion process so I hold an FAA CPL/MEP/IR. In the USA I flew C172 and PA44 Seminole PIC. I was able to arrange insurance specifically for the PA44 through AOPA.

I still fiddle with programming and computers when I have the time between work, flying trips, etc.

I have used VMWare Fusion to bring BeOS to life again in the form or BeOS Max5 on my Macbook Pro and on my Mac Pro. BeOS seems quite stable and I have been playing Call To Power again in both installations. As I still have an interest in Linux I have just got Tinycore running in VirtualBox 3.0. All very pleasing.