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too tired

2010 Feb 01

I am in Pattaya, Thailand having a relaxing day.

Yesterday Dave and I took HSATE to Eastern Flying Club (The runway is a little over 500 meters long now) for breakfast (excellent food). Then we flew to Pattaya Airpark to look at a new based aircraft before returning to Bang Phra. I planned to fly as usual yesterday and today but really I was too tired after the morning flights and even a little fatigued so I took time out. As usual I travelled from Hong Kong after my Night Shift the day before but all that had gone before caught up with me.

I have been busy over the last few months.

November: I went to USA and successfully completed the ATP Multi CFI course. I now have an FAA Flight Instructor Certificate with ratings for single and multi-engine, and Instrument. Along the way I took additional written exams to hold an Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate with Instrument Ground Instructor. This monster course overran because of weather, Thanksgiving, Examiner availability, all the usual suspects. My contingency time allowed me to finish it all despite the delays. If you do the Multi CFI course then I suggest that you allow at least three weeks to complete it. The ATP Multi CFI course instruction and aircraft are of above average quality compared to other flight schools.

December: I managed to get to Guernsey for my Father’s 80th birthday. The day ended with a surprise concert with my Father playing three sets with big bands; Jazzonymous, The Guernsey Jazz Orchestra, and the two combined. Not bad for 80! Proud I am! When I got back to Hong Kong I Started packing up for the end of my apartment lease but flying on my off days in Thailand.

January: Moved apartments from 1,400 Sq Ft to 550 Sq Ft. Downsizing is difficult! I did the move in stages so that I didn’t simply fill the new place with boxes all at once. I am sifting through my stuff and giving away or dumping what I don’t need. I now live in a much cheaper apartment so I have flexibility for the future.

I will make 2010 even more interesting than 2009!