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2018 Jul 01

I could not find code that I liked for timing how long we hold a button attached to a pi. I rolled my own. Probably not the fastest, or most elegant, but hopefully simple and useful.

I use this for a single button that will reboot or shutdown a pi depending on how long I hold the button. My first python script for some years but it works as intended.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# python3 script to reboot or shutdown from one button press of varying hold time

from gpiozero import Button
from time import time
from os import system

GPIOnumber = 21
secondsdifference = 0
rebootseconds = 3
poweroffseconds = 5

mybutton = Button(GPIOnumber)

def get_int_time():
    return int(time())

def shutdown():
    system("sudo poweroff")

def reboot():
    system("sudo reboot")

while True:
    starttime = get_int_time()
    timenow = get_int_time()
    secondsdifference = timenow - starttime

    if ( secondsdifference > poweroffseconds):
    elif ( secondsdifference > rebootseconds):
    starttime = 0

I run this as a root crontab job at reboot.