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time to fly

2008 Oct 15

My updated Canadian CPL arrived a couple of days ago. The license now includes my multi-engine and Class 1 instrument ratings. I’ll try to get back to Canada (Pro IFR at Boundary Bay) sometime in the next two months to do some multi-IR hours building. I do need to keep my multi IR skills current.

In the mean time I have a trip booked to fly from “Bang Phra”:, Thailand later this month to use my Thailand validation (pending re-issue). I fly HSATE a C172M in Thailand. I intend to practice some basic flying tasks and revise:

  • steep turns, 180 reversals
  • stalls
  • spins
  • canyon turns
  • precautionary landings
  • general circuit work
  • short and soft field landings and take-offs

Future plans:

  • Malaysian license validation
  • FAA CPL on the basis of my Canadian license