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rawhide - xampp in mavericks

2014 Apr 29

I have replaced my main computer - a late 2010 Air - with a late 2013 Mac Book Pro (recondition/return from an Apple Store). The Air SSD was now too small and I did not need the portability as much as I did. I updated the Mac Book Pro to Mavericks before I started loading on Applications and data.

Mavericks does not seem to have a Sites folder by default and I decided to use XAMPP again to serve my occasional small web development pages.


  • I normally log in as a ordinary user without admin privileges and have a separate admin user login.
  • I wanted to keep my development sites and pages in a Sites folder in my home folder not in the XAMPP htdocs folder.
  • I already had a functioning Sites folder on my Air

How I solved this for me:

  1. Copy the existing Sites folder into the user home directory.
  2. Open a Terminal Window.
  3. chmod -R 0775 ~/Sites/
  4. su [my admin account] - (enter password)
  5. cd /Applications/XAMPP/htdocs/
  6. sudo ln -s /Users/[my user name]/Sites - (enter password)
  7. Start XAMPP.
  8. I access my development sites and pages using http://localhost/Sites/[development web site or pages]

I use mynt for my static blog. The paths for the css and other assets did not work in my development environment but the blog pages would display. I dropped another symbolic link into the XAMPP htdocs folder to fix this using a the same process as above. I now view my development static blog pages with the intended formatting.

There are other ways to do this and but that was how I did it.