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little texas shaker

2013 Nov 17

I have finished my trip to Texas. After the FIRC I completed my renters checkouts on the Citabria at Anson Air. I then visited a number of familiar local airports to revise my light aircraft flying skills: with lunch at Brenham on one day.

Typical Texas winds provided me with some crosswind revision. I fitted in an evening flight to get night current in single engine. The pattern at Sugarland (KSGR) was busy so I went down to Wharton (KARM) for some pattern work and to do a little night VFR navigating following highways.

The last flying day was spent in a Citabria with many, many landings at seven airports, two were grass. I kept it pointing the correct way on landing and some of the landings were even decent! The wind for my final landing back at Sugarland was 60 deg. off gusting 16 Knots: not what I was expecting as the forcast was for 6 Knots. I kept it straight and was happy with the landing.

Today I am on BA 196 leaving the US to return to the UK and then Guernsey.