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2012 Sep 11

I am now JAA/EASA Commercial, Multi-engine, Instrument, MCC, licensed and rated. I have a little free time so I have worked on my blog and will fix up the website a bit. I am using mynt to build this now static blog. The idea of a static blog became attractive and mynt proved to be a quick and easy solution.

I completed my ATPL ground studies with CATS, Instrument and Commercial training at airways flight training and MCC with CRM Aviation. The terrible UK Summer weather added weeks and consequent costs to the length of training.

Dad and I went on a trip to Cherbourg (LFRC) last week; almost perfect flying conditions. Time was a bit tight because of the time I had the aircraft for. We still managed coffee and lunch in the terminal cafe le coucou de fourchette and left with the essential case of Coucou Merlot.

The last two years have been varied, interesting, and sometimes stressful. I am in Guernsey and will return to Hong Kong shortly. I can see another Type Rating in my near future. Work instead of studies is becoming a necessity.