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going to california

2010 May 04

So it has been a while since I posted, but as usual, I have been busy. I’ll try and catch up.

I went to California, USA for a few weeks in April and May. I had two aviation goals: I achieved one and half. I’ll document the half later but the one I’ll do now.

I completed modules 1 and 2 of Rich Stowell’s Emergency Maneuver Training (EMT) course with CP Aviation in Santa Paula earning myself a Wings credit in the process. I was feeling a bit sick the for the first two days but after getting most of the Spins out of the way I started feeling better. EMT is worth every cent done any time and this course is very well constructed and paced. I received excellent instruction.

We stayed at the Santa Paula Inn, which I’m very happy to recommend. The food at the Mupu Grill around the corner on Main Street was always good, again I recommend it if you are in the area.

Incredibly Lex Rooker was staying at the Santa Paula Inn as well so now I know Lex. He was very generous and gave me some of his excellent Pemmican and dried meat. I was inspired enough to dry some meat myself when I got back to Hong Kong. I’m not as good a butcher as Lex so my Jerky is more flayed than cut but it tastes good and handy for taking as a meal to work.

We spent the rest of the time based in La Mesa. I’m going back to California later this month to finish up my second goal.