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a trip to buri ram

2009 Sep 15

This trip progressed a little differently than normal. We only flew on one day rather than two. On the first day we went to Buri Ram (VTUO) in HSAWS: my first trip there.

We went up at 7,500 ft, picked up W1 at KRT, and turned left at RAMEI toward BRM. I completed two holds on arrival at BRM 216/6.8 and flew the 04 ILS. I struggled with the glide path a little with an increasing tailwind in the last mile or so. I had the needles crossed again at the Decision Altitude. OSCAR has poor radio coverage in that area. On the way back I could not contact OSCAR so I reverted to 123.6 (combined Approach for the civil airfields in the Korat area). This worked well. Buri Ram Approach handed us to Bangkok Control on 133.1 who passed us to Bangkok Approach on 122.35.

We did not fly on the second day. I slept in (long overdue) and took R & R in Pattaya: got some walking exercise, visited a few shops of interest, finished a book, etc.

Today I flew back to Hong Kong with a Typhoon grazing Hong Kong. I ran up the Dauntless Software FAA Test Program and studied Fundamentals of Instruction. I had plenty of time: two holds at CORAL and one at BAKER.