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flying high again

2010 May 21

I’m on Southwest 368, San Diego to Houston, Hobby. It is 17:45 (California Time), and out of the window on my Left I can see Gillespie Field, KSEE; my base for the last week.

A few hours earlier I was on approach to Gillespie Runway 27R PIC in a Cessna Citation II returning from Prescott, Arizona, KPRC. I went there for Steak and Eggs. A bargain at about USD 4,000. I have just redefined the USD 100 hamburger! Type rating courses and check rides major on flying the aircraft when things fail and maneuvers. After finishing my Type Rating Course I decided to get some experience flying the Citation on a normal flight. It was worth every cent.

I completed my Cessna Citation I/II FAR 141 Type Rating course at Jet Aeronautical yesterday, 20 May 2010. This was the missing objective that I had mentioned in a earlier post.

I received excellent instruction at Jet Aeronautical. I recommended Jet Aeronautical unconditionally. I’d had some TSA trouble in April on my last trip to the US (outside of my control; an apparent change in TSA requirements rendered my fingerprints invalid requiring re-fingerprinting and delaying my Flight Training). Steve at Jet Aeronautical went out of his way to re-schedule my Flight Training allowing me to complete the course as soon as I was able to return: thanks Steve. Jet Aeronautical offer a well paced course and I’ll say it again: excellent classroom and practical instruction.

Over the weekend I’ll try and relax. On Monday I have a Piper Seminole Checkout at Anson Air. Tuesday to Friday I hope to rent a Seminole to build multi-engine hours.

I have a C-500 Type Rating!