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2010 Feb 28

I am back from a flying trip to Thailand; and preparing for another one.

On the last trip flying HSAWS, an AC11, I logged:

  • 6 hrs
  • 4 instrument hours
  • 2 IMC; a mixture of Cu, SC, and haze.
  • 2 Hood
  • 5 instrument approaches
  • 1 LOC; VTBU
  • 2 hold entries; VTUQ, VTBU
  • 4 holds; VTUQ, VTBU
  • 6 landings; Bang Phra twice, Best Ocean Airpark, VTUQ, VTBU.
  • 3 go arounds; VTUQ twice, VTBU

The political situation in Thailand is a little unstable now so I may have to change my plans at short notice.

I am reading The Tender Carnivore & the Sacred Game by Paul Shepard. The book lacks references but sometimes Paul weaves external material into the work stating the Author and the Source. He has a passion for the subject of us regaining our humanity and makes good arguments. I can see that his writing is dated in some respects (first published 1973): hints of Freud, and incomplete nutrition knowledge. Often prophetic, he provides explanations for some of our social ills: e.g. adolescent gang culture. I recommend the book to those looking for how our cultures went wrong and how we might live.

I have my course notes for a Cessna Citation Part 141 Type Rating Course so I am again in study mode.

This week I have discovered:

I will use some of these to aid my study. Notational Velocity is particularly useful. I sync it to Simplenote and keep individual text files in a Dropbox folder. I keep my main TaskPaper file in the SimpleText folder. I access my data with TaskPaper, Notational Velocity, SimpleText and SimpleNote on my iPod Touch, or any other computer, anywhere in the world, forever! FX [manic laughter]

This week I have discovered that sadly:

  • The Canon Scanner Drivers for my MP996 Do Not Work! Strange. The printer works just fine and I can scan from Print & Fax provided the Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector is running. It worked in 10.5.
  • PCCW never calls back.
  • The ATMD has an unlimited supply of badly written, unnecessary, and ineffective Operational Instructions.
  • Tacky CNY decorations are still up and people are still happy to have their pictures taken with the crappy glitter in the background.
  • Alcohol has similar effects on the body as the poison Fructose; my halo slipped! View the presentation about the toxicity of Fructose by Rober H. Lustig, MD. Now when I look at a glass of Red wine I think can of Coke. Woe, woe!
  • My apartment is surrounded by Schnauzer manifestations that yap, howl, and cry all day.

I was using Textile but I will give Markdown a go to see how I get on.

Live Long and Prosper.